Content Management Systems Perfect for any Business

Why use a CMS for a Service Business?

In this interconnected and digitised world we live in, the World Wide Web is now our first port of call for information - when was the last time you looked in a phone book or Yellow Pages for information? The numbers speak for themselves and with more than 700 million websites now existing on the Internet and more than 5,000 new webpages being created per minute you can see how individuals and businesses around the globe are embracing this technology.

More and more consumers seek information about products and services on the Web and rely on the shared experience, comments and reviews of other users. It is no longer a question of ‘’Does my business need a website?’’ and you should instead be asking yourself "what can a website do for my business?" and if you have an existing website then ask yourself "how can I improve the visitor experience on our website to increase our customer base?"

There are different reasons that mean a web presence is a must have for every business which I list below and then followed by reasons why a CMS (Content Management System) makes such a great framework for building your website. Reasons for having a site include:

Customers tend to trust you more

Would you trust yourself a business that does not have a phone number or exact address? Probably not. The same thing comes to web presence. If information about your company or business cannot be found on the Internet it seriously impacts your credibility and reduces your business prospects.

A website can be your strongest marketing tool

Your website is like having a 100 sales people all working 24 hours a day for you. It represents you 24/7, disregarding the time and the distance between you and your potential and existing customers. It can work to your disadvantage as well if you don't maintain your site and keep it active. Customers seeing out of date information will see this and make their own judgement - very probably a negative one and very likely won't visit your site again.

Your web site will help you survive the market competition

Competing in your market place is very hard without a website. If customers can’t find you, they are sure to find someone else. The fact that most businesses similar to yours are already present on the web should be incentive enough to get you moving.

A website is the front door to your brand

An active, dynamic and up to date website is not only an information source, but a great tool for turning a potential customer into a new loyal lover of your brand. If you don't have a website it is like blocking the front door to your business and never answering the phone.


This is simple advice and the list of reasons is not limited to the above mentioned, however I think the point has been made and now you should be thinking of the details of a website for your business. Who is going to do it - how much will it cost - how do I update the website - what can I do with a website (a catalogue, e-commerce or a business portal) - how long will it take to build - what will it look like?


Why is Joomla! a great CMS and framework for creating websites for commercial and non-commercial purposes?

Having a website is a must but having a well crafted website is even more important. There is little point in just throwing up a site so you can pat yourself on the back and tick another box of your business plan. Your site has to work and work hard for you to make it worthwhile. A well-crafted website will pay for itself within a short space of time and the return on your investment can be measured in a way that few other marketing methods can provide so it is worth doing it right first time..

There are many questions that business start-ups and existing businesses contemplating a website need answering. What is best practice in the design of a website? Where do I start and what do I need to do? What are reasonable costs and who are potential suppliers? Unless you are a large company with its own IT department, the answers to these questions need to be sourced from the technically knowledgable either online or amongst your network of colleagues and acquaintences.

What if you are a business lacking in resources or have little or no IT skills? Then you need a website framework that is easy to maintain, is very cheap to setup, has a comprehensive suite of tools available and has a vast support base behind it. This is where a Content Management System can help and the most popular of these is Joomla!

There is a learning curve with using Joomla! but it doesn't require you have a degree in computer science and the basics can be learned in an afternoon. If you are competent enough to write an email or use a Word Processor for letter writing then you can operate a Joomla! website.

Joomla! is simple!

Joomla! is not that difficult to set up and the basic installation is almost fully automated. The web is full of detailed step-by-step tutorials, forums, documentation which will help new starters to get up and running very quickly.The basic requirements are a domain name and a host server which will store the files, images and database required to run your website. Many hosting providers offer a single click installation service for Joomla! and other applications - including us. However this is only the first step and there is still a lot of work required change the basic installation into a site purpose built for your specific business purposes.

It saves your money!

If your business is lacking in financial resources then Joomla! is your friend. The application is free and open source and thousands of the extensions available to complement and add functionality to the basic installation are also free and open source. There are also thousands of paid for applications available covering every possible function a business could require and most of these are priced less than £100 with professional resources and support provided. There is huge range of non-commercial templates and Joomla! extensions available.

Sites using Joomla! look so professional

Joomla! uses a modular framework that allows you to position content and functions in a variety of ways. The simplicity of managing the overall design of the site and the look of content elements gives a great deal of flexibility. A Joomla! website can be made highly personalised with a huge range of templates and themes available all of which can be modified and tweaked. How a Joomla! website looks will never be an issue for you and can always provide a very professional appearance. What makes the framework of even more benefit is the ease with which content can be updated, added or modified.

Joomla! is popular and trusted!

If you are at all uncertain about choosing Joomla! for your website then have a look at the Joomla! showcase where you will find thousands of websites listed including some big names like Citibank and Harvard University. The Joomla! application has been downloaded over 35 million times and this speaks for itself. Don't hesitate and give it a try!

Creating with Joomla! is always fun!

Building a website yourself is an enjoyable experience and Joomla! makes it easy! Even if you never intend to use the website as a business portal but simply as a showcase for your own personal achievements or interests then you will find the application fun and simple to use.

Remember that doing nothing in this fast moving technological world is equal to going backwards! Start moving forwards from today and take a serious look at Joomla! and remember to share your experience with us!

For those with limited time and an ambitious project to implement we offer flexible web hosting packages with a Joomla CMS pre-installed. We can supply professional, comprehensive and purpose built Joomla CMS websites as a completely new product and website or as a replacement for your existing website. Let us help and quickly get your online business up and running.

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