Digital Signage Benefits and Potential Uses

There are many ways where Digital Signage can be used and have a measurable and immediate impact on those that view the displays.

Below is just some of the many examples of suitable applications that will give you an idea of how you could use the system and what is possible through our Digital Signage solutions.

  • Advertising & Marketing Agencies +

    Advertising agencies and marketing firms use digital signage as a very effective means of helping their clients interact and communicate with customers, visitors, potential new business, shoppers and employees. This helps increase their revenue, their brand awareness and overall customer interaction.
  • Call Centers +

    Call centers are invariably busy business hubs with frenetic activity. Finding a way to disseminate information to the employees and managers is a critical element in these environments. Digital Signage provides a highly visual means of tracking of sales or promotions, visual call volume and call time and other information that helps their business tick.
  • Conference Centers +

    Display Signage provides a very efficient and adaptive tool to communicate and update dynamic information to a large audience with event information, menu's, future promotions and events, important alerts and facility details. It can be an impressive presentation and an easy means of getting important information to large amounts of people quickly.
  • Corporate Centers +

    Visitor inductions, mission statement, company vision, new products and services, employee incentives are all examples of features that a digital display system can provide to communicate effectively to your employees, business partners and customers. 
  • Gaming & Entertainment +

    The Gaming & Entertainment industry are very comfortable with digital displays and interactive technology - just look at a modern 'bandit' or juke box and you will see the point. The bottom line - increase revenue. Entertaining, visually captivating and almost hypnotic to a degree their technology is at the cutting edge of digital display methods.
  • Government Institutions +

    Whether it be local governmant buildings (town hall etc) or national goverment institutions such as the local employment exchange there is a requirement for using digital signage for wayfinding throughout large buildings, showing safety information, informing and educating visitors with relevant building and department updates.
  • Education Establishments +

    Educational institutions use signage solutions to increase awareness of classes, events and simply to educate using modern and interactive technology. From primary to secondary to college to university the technology has benefits in communicating easily with the students in a direct way.
  • Financial Institutions +

    What is the general impression given by most television articles on Banking? Generally a mass of display tehnology all playing a vital part of their financial world. Banks use signage displays and by providing relevant and real time content to their clients and employees whether it be banks rates, loans, stock exchange and other industry news.
  • Health Care +

    Hospitals and clinics are generally large, meandering buildings with a requirement to managing visitor flow, way finding for visitors using department maps and sometimes waiting room entertainment. Plus realising many benefits by providing healthy living advice and medical or social information.
  • Hospitality Industry +

    The hospitality industry has grabbed the opportunities that digital display technology offers and is utilising this as an interactive tool to help way finding, navigation within hotels, airports, cruise ships and conference centers. Displaying travel information and integrating with a whole range of services that can be focused on each demographic with ease.
  • Manufacturing Industries +

    Facilities, Operations and Production area's utilize digital signage to communicate information to their employees. Immediate critical production line alerts, production metrics, floor safety monitoring, health and safety alerts, meeting alerts and inventory monitoring.
  • Restaurants, Bars & Night Life +

    Display interactive eye-catching menu's, specials, events and pricing information. Making it possible to quickly update and adapt to your customers, influencing your customers on a whole new level. But also the ability to entertain your customers and their experience.
  • Religious Institutions +

    Communicate service updates, upcoming sermons, events, worship selections and other reminders during the arrival of visitors and departing of visitors of your church. Display lyrics of the music to the congregation during worship, inspiratonal messages and more.
  • Retail & Services Industry +

    Create an amazing shopping experience for your customers by utilizing digital signage. Promote seasonal offers and specialized promotional discounts that can be integrated with your stock. Greatly increasing customer awareness of your products.
  • Stadiums and Public Places +

    Display live news about the events and broadcast live TV streams of by example the sports match. Using digital signage as an additional means of advertising to provide visitors with live information and the possiblity of adding TV quality commercials to your content.
  • IT Professionals +

    The IT sector uses digital signage solutions to communicate important news to their employees and clients quickly, easily and efficiently. Making it possible to display information from multiple data sources with stand alone systems or enterprise-wide solutions  
  • HR Professionals +

    Use Digital Signage as a means of communicating with employees through the work place. Providing emergency alers, communicate messages and memo's from management and executives. Presenting policy changes or news that impacts employees directly.  
  • Marketing Professionals +

    There are multiple uses for digital signage it can assist your office environment for your employees and clients. Showcasing your work , projects, testimonials to clients. Informing your employees about team building activities, policy, safety and company info.  
  • General Communications +

    Communication potential within all sorts of business and corporations in terms of connecting all major departments from hallways, interactive facility maps, lobbies, staff rooms and call centers to various other purposes  
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