RestaurantsTable and Take Away Booking Systems

This applications is a complete reservations system for your Joomla website. Designed for any kind of restaurant, from the most simple to the most classy one.

Structured in two main sections: Restaurant and Take-Away.
Create your Menus with the food that can be ordered online for Take Away with Delivery or Pickup Service.
Draw your Rooms/Areas, compose and customize your Menus and draw the Tables.
Accept reservations online and guarantee your clients and yourself an accurate management of your tables at any working shift.
The program is fully customizable to let your clients pick the Room/Area or the Table. It is also possible to hide the possibility of choosing a Room/Area or the Table.
Deposits can be different in some days of the year and can be collected via credit card or other payment methods.

Hotel website demo screenshotTo view a demonstration of this application please visit here

Use these credentials to log into the website

Username:  demo
Password:  demo

We recommend you purchase a SSL Certificate to accompany this application - see available SSL Certificates here

This application is available to buy as an add-on from within your website control panel. It can also be ordered when you initially sign up for any of the website packages. The application runs under Joomla and this must be installed in your package.

Below are screenshots of the Restaurant and Take-Away Application Administration panel and options:

The most important features:

  • Take-Away Menus Management with Products Variations (i.e. Pizza Pepperoni - Variation: Extra Cheese)
  • Take-Away Discounts on Combinations of Products (i.e. with 3 Pizzas you get a free Can of Coke)
  • Front-end TakeAway Cart Module
  • Delivery or Pickup for Take-Away Reservations with the possibility of adding additional costs
  • ICS Export function for Calendars like Outlook, iCalendar and Google Calendar
  • CSV Export function for spreadsheet applications like OpenOffice and Excel
  • Live Map management for your employees
  • Change the code/status of a reservation from a list of pre-installed options
  • Rooms/Areas Management
  • Tables creation with Drag & Drop
  • Shared Tables (tables where more people can seat together)
  • Accurate Reservations Management from the Administrator section
  • Working Shifts: define if your restaurant is open in some shifts (brunch, lunch, dinner etc..) or continuously (from 12pm to 12am for example)
  • Publish your interactive menus with Sections and Products
  • Deposit per Reservation or per Person
  • Extendable Payment Framework: let the users pay for the deposit with any kind of payment gateway
  • PayPal, Offline Credit Card, Pay on Arrival are the pre-installed payment methods
  • Special Days: show different Menus for some special occasions and apply different values for the Deposit
  • Coupons: give your clients discounts on their reservations
  • Custom Fields: create by yourself the information to be provided before saving the Reservations
  • Reservations Type: choose whether your clients should be able to select a Room/Area, a Table or nothing (in case you want to give them the table that you want)
  • Customizable Date and Time Format (mm/dd/yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy, yyyy/mm/dd - 12 or 24 hours)
  • Closing Days: define your closing days with a lot of options (every Monday, on Chirstmas, the second week of July, the whole month of August etc..)
  • Custom Currency
  • Customizable eMail for the clients through a template file
  • Statistics: a detailed page in the administrator with the total earning of your restaurant and your take-away
  • User Registration: allow users to register into you site to remember their custom fields
  • SMS API Framework: let the users and/or admin receive a SMS with the confirmation of the order with any kind of SMS API gateway